Reliance Insurance Emerges Victorious with Meghalaya’s Universal Health Insurance Scheme Contract

Reliance Insurance, one of the leading insurance companies in the country, has recently secured a significant contract for Meghalaya’s universal health insurance scheme. This comes after a stringent selection process, setting a new benchmark for the insurance industry.

The State Government’s Decision

The decision by the state government of Meghalaya to review the Health Benefits Package and other terms in the Insurance Contract of MHIS 6 led to this momentous development. This move signaled the government’s commitment to ensuring the well-being of its citizens and their access to quality healthcare services.

The Scope of the Contract

With this contract, Reliance Insurance is now tasked with providing comprehensive health insurance coverage to over 7 lakh families in Meghalaya. This is a monumental responsibility, demonstrating the trust and confidence that the state government has placed in the company.

Providing Comprehensive Health Insurance Coverage

The health insurance coverage, as per the contract, will extend to a multitude of healthcare services. It is designed to provide extensive coverage to the beneficiaries, focusing on their secondary and tertiary care hospitalisation requirements.

Outpatient Care Services

In addition to hospitalisation, the insurance coverage also includes outpatient care services. This ensures that the beneficiaries can access necessary medical services without being burdened by the costs, helping to improve the overall health and wellness of the population.

Diagnostic Tests Coverage

Diagnostic tests form a crucial part of healthcare services. Recognising this, the insurance coverage under the contract also includes provisions for these tests. This is a significant move towards early detection and effective treatment of various health conditions.

Follow-Up Care Provisions

Follow-up care is an often overlooked but vital component of healthcare services. The insurance coverage provided by Reliance Insurance under this contract includes provisions for follow-up care. This ensures that beneficiaries receive comprehensive care, even after their treatment.

Impact on the Insurance Industry

Reliance Insurance bagging this significant contract has created ripples in the insurance industry. It sets a new benchmark for other companies, highlighting the importance of providing comprehensive and quality health insurance coverage.

A Step Towards Better Healthcare in Meghalaya

This development marks a significant step towards better healthcare in Meghalaya. With over 7 lakh families set to receive comprehensive health insurance coverage, the state is on its way to ensuring better health and wellness for its citizens.

The Future of Healthcare in Meghalaya

With this contract, the future of healthcare in Meghalaya looks promising. It signals a commitment from both the state government and Reliance Insurance to ensure that every citizen has access to the healthcare services they need.

The Role of Reliance Insurance

Reliance Insurance, with this contract, has been given a significant role in shaping the healthcare landscape of Meghalaya. Its responsibility goes beyond providing insurance coverage; it is about ensuring the well-being of the state’s citizens.


In conclusion, Reliance Insurance securing the contract for Meghalaya’s universal health insurance scheme marks a significant development in the healthcare sector. It is a testament to the company’s commitment to providing comprehensive health insurance coverage, and a step forward in ensuring better healthcare for the citizens of Meghalaya.

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