Hot Topic: Mumbai Woman’s Lavish Gold Chain for Her Dog Sparks Debate

Pet owners are known for spoiling their furry friends with the best food, veterinary care, and even treats. However, a woman in Mumbai took it to the next level when she spent Rs 2.5 lakh on a 35-gram gold chain for her dog named Tiger, as reported by Hindustan Times. The story went viral after a local jeweler in Chembur shared a video of the pet owner shopping for the expensive jewelry.

The Viral Video

In the video, Tiger is seen patiently waiting as his owner selects the perfect chain at the jewelry store. The video concludes with the Indie dog happily wagging his tail, clearly delighted with his new bling, after she gently puts the necklace around Tiger’s neck.

The shop shared the video on Instagram, writing, “Our patron Sarita decided to celebrate her beloved dog Tiger’s birthday in a special way. To mark the occasion, she went to Anil Jewellers and chose a stunning chain for her paw friend. The chain, delicately crafted and gleaming in the sunlight, was the perfect gift for the day. When she presented it to Tiger, his tail wagged with excitement as she gently clasped the chain around his neck.”

Mixed Reactions from Netizens

The video has garnered over 87,000 views and received mixed reactions from social media users. While some find the gesture “cute,” others criticize the dog owner for “showing off.” One user commented, “These angels of God deserve everything and beyond. Nothing can stand in the way of their devotion, love, and trust.” Another user wrote, “I’m so glad it’s an independent.”

However, some users had a different opinion. One user commented, “Dogs aren’t materialistic, but definitely humans are!” Another user wrote, “Gareebo ko khaana khilade (You should have fed the poor instead).”


1. Is it common for pet owners to buy expensive gifts for their pets?

While it’s not uncommon for pet owners to splurge on their pets, spending Rs 2.5 lakh on a gold chain is certainly an exceptional case.

2. What are some other ways pet owners spoil their pets?

Pet owners often spoil their pets with high-quality food, toys, grooming services, and even pet-friendly vacations.

3. How do dogs react to expensive gifts like gold chains?

Dogs are not materialistic and do not understand the value of expensive gifts. However, they can sense their owner’s excitement and happiness, which can make them happy too.


The story of the Mumbai woman buying a gold chain for her dog has sparked a debate on social media. While some find it a sweet gesture, others criticize it as a display of wealth. Regardless of the opinions, it’s clear that pet owners will continue to find unique ways to express their love and affection for their furry friends.

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