Commencement of Indian Medicine and Homeopathy Admissions: A Comprehensive Overview

Admissions for undergraduate Indian medicine and homeopathy courses have officially commenced. This year, a total of 4,411 eligible applications have been received for the 2,063 available seats across 33 colleges, including five government institutions.

The Scope of Available Seats and Applications Received

The selection committee, responsible for overseeing the admission process, has reported receiving 2,530 applications for both government and government quota seats. This indicates a high level of interest among students seeking to pursue a career in the field of Indian medicine and homeopathy.

For the 2,063 seats available across the 33 colleges, the authorities have received applications from students across various categories. The distribution of seats is expected to be a competitive process given the high number of applications.

Government School Student Quota Applications

Among the applications received, 556 candidates have been found eligible to apply under the 7.5 per cent government school student quota. This quota is a provision designed to ensure that students from government schools get a fair chance at securing seats in these medical courses.

This quota is an important feature of the admission process as it encourages inclusivity and promotes equal opportunities for students from all backgrounds. It signifies the government’s commitment to uphold the principle of social justice in education.

Management Quota Applications

In addition to the government and government quota seats, 968 applications have been received under the management quota. This quota allows private colleges and institutions to admit students based on their own criteria, which often includes academic performance and entrance exam scores.

The management quota serves to facilitate students who may not qualify under the government quota but still demonstrate exceptional potential in the field of Indian medicine and homeopathy.

All-India Quota Applications

Further adding to the diversity of applicants, 913 applications have been received under the all-India quota. This quota is designed to ensure that students from all parts of India have the opportunity to pursue these courses, regardless of the state in which they reside.

The all-India quota contributes to a nationwide representation in the student body of these colleges, promoting a culturally diverse and inclusive learning environment.


The commencement of admissions for undergraduate Indian medicine and homeopathy courses signifies an important phase in the academic calendar. The high number of applications received under various quotas underscores the popularity of these courses and the keen interest of students in pursuing a career in Indian medicine and homeopathy.

The admission process, with its various quotas, ensures a fair and equitable distribution of opportunities, promoting diversity, inclusivity, and equal representation from all sections of society.

The process will undoubtedly be competitive given the high number of applications, but it also promises to be a fair and unbiased process, upholding the principles of social justice in education.

As the selection committee begins the task of shortlisting candidates, thousands of hopeful students across the country wait with bated breath, eager to embark on their journey in the field of Indian medicine and homeopathy.

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