The Gathering of 400 Scholars: An Insight into Odisha Research Conclave

The Odisha Research Conclave, an eminent event in the academic calendar, is scheduled to witness the participation of about 400 researchers. This congregation of intellectuals is anticipated to be a melting pot of ideas, innovations, and groundbreaking research. These are the minds that are actively reshaping our understanding of the world and contributing towards the growth of our society.

The Organizing Body: OSHEC

The Odisha State Higher Education Council (OSHEC) is the prestigious body tasked with the responsibility of coordinating this three-day conclave. OSHEC, a wing of the higher education department, is committed to the upliftment of higher education and research in the state. It has been instrumental in providing a platform for researchers to showcase their work and engage in intellectual discourse.

A Three-day Intellectual Extravaganza

The conclave is set to span over three days, offering an ample amount of time for the researchers to present their studies, interact with fellow scholars, and immerse themselves in the world of academia. The event is meticulously planned to ensure that it serves as an effective platform for networking and collaboration among the researchers.

Spotlight on Scholars with Extramural Funding

Among the participants, a special focus will be on the scholars who have been fortunate enough to receive extramural funding from the state government. These scholars have been granted this funding under the Mukhyamantri Research Innovation (MRI) scheme. The scheme is a significant initiative by the government to encourage research and innovation in the state.

The Mukhyamantri Research Innovation (MRI) Scheme

The MRI is a unique scheme conceptualized and implemented by the state government. The primary aim of this initiative is to foster a culture of research and innovation in the state. The scheme provides financial aid to researchers, enabling them to conduct their studies without financial constraints.

Exhibition of Research Output

As part of the conclave, these MRI-funded scholars will exhibit the output of their research. This will offer them an opportunity to display their findings and achievements in front of a learned audience. Furthermore, it will also provide a chance for these researchers to receive constructive feedback, enhancing the quality of their work.

Anticipated Impact of the Conclave

The conclave is expected to have a profound impact on the academic and research landscape of the state. By offering a platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration, the event aims to stimulate intellectual growth and the advancement of research in various fields.


In conclusion, the Odisha Research Conclave is not merely an event; it is a celebration of knowledge, research, and intellectual curiosity. It is an opportunity for the researchers to shine, to share their work, and to contribute to the collective wisdom of the academic community. As around 400 researchers gear up to attend the conclave, one can only anticipate the wave of intellectual discourse and innovation that is about to sweep the state.

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