‘Stray Vacancy Round’ To Fill Over 1,000 MBBS Seats Announced By Medical Counselling Committee

In a significant development, the Medical Counselling Committee (MCC) has declared the initiation of a unique ‘stray vacancy round’ in Delhi. This is an effort to fill over 1,000 unfilled MBBS and BDS seats in various medical colleges across the city. The announcement comes in light of several seats remaining unoccupied past the deadline set by the National Medical Commission.

The Scenario of Unfilled MBBS Seats

There exists a significant number of unfilled seats for MBBS and BDS courses across Delhi’s medical colleges. Despite the deadline set by the National Medical Commission, which was September 30, these seats remain unoccupied, sparking concern in the academic community. This development reflects a need for efficient measures to ensure that these seats do not remain vacant.

The Medical Counselling Committee’s Solution

The Medical Counselling Committee has stepped forward with a solution to this conundrum. They have announced a special ‘stray vacancy round’ in a bid to fill these vacant seats. This initiative is seen as a significant move in ensuring that no MBBS or BDS seats go to waste in this academic year.

Details of the ‘Stray Vacancy Round’

The ‘stray vacancy round’ is planned with an efficient schedule to facilitate smooth operations. According to the schedule released by the MCC, counselling for the all-India quota seats in government colleges, central institutions, and deemed universities will commence from October 31.

Announcement of the Counselling Results

The results of the ‘stray vacancy round’ are expected to be announced on November 7. This announcement will provide clarity on the allocation of the vacant seats and ensure transparency in the process.

State Counselling Sessions

Following the all-India quota seat counselling, state counselling sessions will take place. Scheduled to be held from November 7-10, these sessions aim to facilitate the filling of vacant seats within individual state institutions.

The Last Date for Joining

The last date for the joining of successful candidates is set for November 15. This gives candidates ample time to prepare and make necessary arrangements for their academic journey.

Implications for Medical Education

This ‘stray vacancy round’ holds significant implications for medical education in Delhi. It offers an opportunity for students who may not have secured a seat in the initial rounds of counselling to gain admission into prestigious medical colleges.

Addressing the Gap in Medical Education

This move by the MCC is a step towards addressing the gap in medical education. By ensuring that all available MBBS and BDS seats are filled, it helps to maximise the output of qualified medical professionals in the country.

Relevance Amidst the Ongoing Pandemic

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of ensuring a steady supply of medical professionals is more pronounced than ever. This ‘stray vacancy round’ is not just a measure to fill seats but also an initiative to bolster the medical workforce in these challenging times.

The Role of the National Medical Commission

The National Medical Commission plays a crucial role in overseeing medical education in India. Their set deadline for admission signifies their commitment to ensuring that the academic year proceeds without undue delays.

Importance of Timely Filling of Vacancies

Timely filling of these vacancies is vital to ensure the smooth functioning of the academic year and to prevent any disruption to the learning process for medical students.

Hope for Aspiring Medical Students

This ‘stray vacancy round’ announcement is a beacon of hope for many aspiring medical students. It opens up opportunities for those who may have missed out on securing a seat in the initial rounds of counselling.


In conclusion, the MCC’s ‘stray vacancy round’ is a commendable initiative. It reflects the committee’s dedication to ensuring that no seat goes to waste and that the medical education sector remains vibrant and dynamic.

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