Lupin’s Digital Asthma Educator Platform Registers Over 10,000 Users Since Its Launch

Since its inception, Lupin’s digital asthma educator platform has seen an impressive uptake. Over 10,000 patients have signed up for the platform, which is a testament to its effectiveness and patient-centric approach.

A Comprehensive Range of Services

One of the primary reasons for the platform’s success is the comprehensive range of services it offers. This includes personalised inhalation technique guidance, pulmonary physiotherapy, dietary counselling, yoga, and medication adherence.

These services, individually and collectively, are designed to address the various needs of asthma patients. They are not just geared towards managing symptoms, but towards enhancing the overall quality of life of the patients.

Personalised Inhalation Technique Guidance

Asthma treatment is often dependent on the correct inhalation technique. Lupin’s platform provides personalised guidance in this regard, ensuring patients get the most from their medication.

The platform’s personalised approach means that each patient’s unique needs and circumstances are taken into account, making the guidance more effective and relevant.

Pulmonary Physiotherapy

Pulmonary physiotherapy is another key service offered by the platform. This therapeutic approach is designed to improve the respiratory function of asthma patients, thereby helping them manage their condition better.

By including this service, Lupin’s platform acknowledges the importance of a holistic approach in asthma management, one that goes beyond medication alone.

Dietary Counselling

Diet plays a crucial role in managing asthma. The platform, therefore, offers dietary counselling to its users. This service provides them with the necessary knowledge and tools to make dietary choices that can help manage their condition.

Through dietary counselling, patients can learn about potential triggers in their diet and how to avoid them, making it an important part of their overall asthma management plan.


Research has shown that yoga can be beneficial for asthma patients. Lupin’s platform includes this as part of its service offering. Through yoga, patients can learn to control their breathing and reduce stress, both of which can help manage asthma symptoms.

The inclusion of yoga in the platform’s services also highlights the importance of a holistic approach in asthma management.

Medication Adherence

Medication adherence is a crucial part of managing any chronic condition, including asthma. Lupin’s platform offers services to ensure patients stick to their medication regimen. This not only helps manage symptoms but also prevents potential complications.

The platform’s emphasis on medication adherence reflects its commitment to comprehensive asthma management, where medication plays a key role.

Enhancing Treatment Outcomes and Overall Well-being

Ultimately, the aim of Lupin’s digital asthma educator platform is to enhance treatment outcomes and improve the overall well-being of asthma patients. The comprehensive range of services it offers are all geared towards this goal.

By addressing various aspects of asthma management, the platform ensures that patients receive well-rounded care, increasing their chances of managing their condition effectively and leading a healthy life.

In conclusion, the success of Lupin’s platform can be attributed to its comprehensive approach, its focus on patient-centric services, and its commitment to enhancing treatment outcomes and overall well-being. As evidenced by the number of patients who have signed up since its launch, the platform is making a significant difference in the lives of asthma patients.

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